Weeks 5 and 6

Haven’t been remembering a picture a day, but did capture a few from the last two weeks:

7th graders made observations about adding integers.  Some used different colored blocks to represent positives and negatives, while others focused on addition on the number line.  image-8

8th graders used cards to fill in the missing numbers and practiced simplifying expressions during one workshop game.  I can’t find the original version of this activity from last year, but we simply adapted it to include exponents and square roots in our expression.   Students draw 7 cards and place the numbers in the expression with the goal of being closest to the target number–two numbers are tossed into the “trash can” as students decide they are not helpful. Each player can decide which operation to use under the radical in the place of the ?.   image-4 image-5

6th graders reviewed graphing, starting with 2 games (Gridlock and High Five) which we actually played last year–the benefit of being on a K-12 campus and having the opportunity to work with elementary classes.image-2 image-7I even caught this group READING THE DIRECTIONS!!  Later in the week, we extended our coordinate plane to include all four quadrants and played 20 questions–Find my point.  Students were forced to use vocabulary appropriate to plotting a point in order to narrow down the location of their partner’s point. imageimage-1  Finally, 6th graders are still working on their Noah’s Ark problems as well. Now we’re using substitution and evaluation to check if the decks they “built” are truly balanced.  image-3

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