Weeks 3 and 4

Not sure which dates go with each pic, but we’ve had a busy couple of weeks…

image-6 Bar models have been helping students of all levels make sense of percents.  We’re moving now into writing the proportions and looking for other strategies to solve them.

image-86th graders built their own arks with balanced decks.  I should have taken a close up of the one with 48 seals on one side! Now we’re using their work to explore variables, coefficients, and equations.

Students also played plenty of games during workshop including Salute.  Eighth graders had to use black cards as positives and reds as negatives.image-7

Number Parade had us putting the cards in order from least to greatest.image-5, Contrasting Facts…image-4well, these aren’t quite a “game,” but I love them. I usually have to guide the 6th graders through the first few. They need reminding that all 9 facts must be true about their answers AT THE SAME TIME.  Lots of vocabulary involved–primes, factors, multiples, etc.

We had our Middle School Open House last week, and I always put out a few of the games we play in class so students can teach their parents.  We put out our own Estimation 180.  Thank goodness these two students were willing to count the 1007 beans that fit in our bowl!image-3

While playing Sweet 16 with Eighth grade, squares and square roots came up so we spent some time on rational and irrational numbers.  That meant we also spent a lot of time talking about attending to precision.  image-1photo Half the class was convinced the point plotted on the number line was 9.8 because their calculator said so.  

And finally, we used Plickers for the first time–actually the multiple choice answers in the last picture were used as one of our Plicker questions.  photo-1The students loved seeing their name pop up when their answer card was scanned. I loved the ease of scanning and immediate feedback with the bar graph and student answers.  I will still also use exit cards where students have to write and explain their thinking, but this is great for a quick check.  

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