Week 2–Another Short One

image8/11–Equivalent Fractions Race during workshop today gave me time to do a quick informal assessment of students. Four cards are drawn to build 2 fractions.  On each turn, students can choose to swap out the card drawn or put it on the bottom of the draw pile with the goal of being the first to build a pair of equivalent fractions.

image8/12–Lots of discussion all week about what the equals sign means, much of it prompted by students trying to record their work while playing Sweet Sixteen.  Students use their cards to build the target number and must record how they did so.

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 3.50.24 PM8/13–The Ark Problem (one of my new favorites) has been the focus of 6th grade problem solving this week.  They so badly want a solution IMMEDIATELY.

image8/14–Convince Us!!  This 6th grader is trying to convince the whole class that his ark is still balanced after his many animal substitutions.



photo8/15–Our first holiday off–Statehood Day.  Another long weekend!

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