May 1-9 Squeezing in some math around testing…

The majority of last week was devoted to state testing, but we did manage to find a little time here and there to have “regular” class.

photo When this student suggested using common denominators to divide fractions, I wasn’t quite expecting him to use them in this manner–but it works.

photoUsing our number tiles here to practice operations with decimals.  Some students looked for their idea of the best or easiest place to start. “I have both parts in the multiplication problem.”  “I know the hundredths place here MUST be a 3  since you’re gonna take away 0 hundredths underneath.”


photoGreat decimal conversations regarding reading the stopwatch for our science experiment.  As anticipated, had to convince a few students that the decimal here for seconds would count past 60–that the .46 still stands for hundredths.

photoIncorporating some art with area and measurement–your initial must include at least one square, rectangle, triangle, parallelogram and a trapezoid. Super pleased to hear so many more students accurately reading their rulers.


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