March ?? April??

This is what happens when you don’t post in way too many days! Digging through the pictures on my phone…

20140328-211644.jpgMaking sense out of solving proportions using algebra.  One student had previously learned to use cross-products but could not explain why it worked.  I loved hearing another be able to justify why he multiplied x by 10 and why that had to happen on both sides of this equation.

20140328-211702.jpgIntroduced Mr. Slope man and overheard one table debating his expression.  Is he sad because “math is so hard,” or perhaps he’s just winking at us?  Another decided he was simply deep in thought about slope.

20140408-205744.jpgBarbie drawings are finally completed and hanging around the room.


Several discussions took place regarding multiplying and dividing decimals.  My favorite parts were the connections students made to prior knowledge–how to use something they already know (fractions) to tackle something “new” or “hard” or to make sense of some memorized trick.  Their favorite part was imagining me being arrested…”If I can just take decimals out and move them or put them back anytime/anywhere I feel like, I shall be leaving for vacation tomorrow after I alter someone’s 500.00 check.”

imageOkay, this one is up to date!  Using New-Tritional Info from Mathalicious this week.  Love their lessons!!  Next year’s subscription is already budgeted for as I complete my purchase orders 🙂

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