Feb. 21-28

Playing catch up here and trying to get back into the rhythm of the 180 blog.  I’ve actually remembered to grab my phone and snap a picture or two each day lately.  Next step, get them posted in a more timely manner!

February 21–Improvising

Crazy coverage happening on our Pre-K-12 campus today with 11 teachers out–oops 12, another one down after recess–and only 7 subs. I took in a colleague’s students along with my own for a few periods including a 7th grade art class joining my 8th grade math. With both groups currently studying functions, we made “stained glass” art–eventually we can revisit those lines.


February 24–Order of Operations


Great debates between partners in this matching activity. “My Dear Aunt Sally” snuck up on even the best of students.

February 25–Barbies


6th Graders began studying ratios and proportions, collecting their Barbie and their model’s measurements.

February 26–Guess My Rule


They love using their whiteboards for this “game.”

February 28–Gridlock


Scheduling conflicts have kept the 5th graders from their weekly visits for over a month.  They finally made it back and practiced graphing in a game of Gridlock.


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