What day is it???

Okay, I’m waaaaaayyyy behind.  I missed the whole week before Winter Break and am already behind this first week back.  I’m not one for setting New Year’s Resolutions, but my goal for 2014 is definitely to be more on top of this 180blog thing!

The last week before vacation was filled with construction of our “Gingerbread” houses.  We pulled out our tools each day.


Some grades worked individually, others as groups.  6th graders had to “purchase” their aluminum foil roofing supplies.  My store only accepted currency in the form of accurate calculations.


Our village grew as the week went on


7th graders started advertising their homes.


And then vacation began!!!  We came back to a Teacher Work Day and a PD Day this week with no students, thus no pics.  But when students finally did return yesterday they brought back their decorated houses along with their floor plans so we can add in some scale factor work with the surface area/volume we’ve already done.


And finally, to catch up to what I think should be day 98….today it snowed in Hana, Maui!!!  IMG_3272 IMG_3273

Well, sort of!  I wish I could recall whose blog/tweet this idea came from to give them proper credit.  The kids absolutely loved it.  We put our problems on paper, crumpled them and tossed them at each other to trade papers.  Each person then had to check the work on the paper they ended up with.


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