Days 60 & 61–Rotations and iPads

image8th graders are on the iPads again.  This time they’re using the Geometry Pad app to perform and investigate rotations.  (The basic app is free, but several features, including the transformations, must be “unlocked” with a fee–I think it was about $6.)

My 6th and 7th graders are still mostly fascinated with the iPad as a toy or game–even if the apps they “play” with are math related or educational.  It was great to see the 8th graders today really utilize them as a tool.  Yesterday they explored the app and rotations, recorded and made observations about what happened to the coordinates.  Today, they asked if they could take them out again–but this time to test out their hypotheses, to answer the questions that arose as they made their observations, to confirm their predictions.  


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