Days 31-37–A Week’s Worth of Excuses

I’ve fallen way behind and my list of excuses is a mile long!  First a late night due to Middle School Open House.  Then a cable outage means no internet at home, can’t post.  Most of my week was spent at a 3 day off-island workshop where wi-fi is not complimentary at the hotel and I’m too cheap to pay, therefore I still cannot post.  And the end of the week and weekend have been spent recovering from the workshop and getting things back in order, both in the classroom and at home.  Gotta remind myself, only 2 weeks until Fall Break!! 🙂

Day 31–Open House–We set up stations for students to share what they’re learning.  Kids led their families through the stations and taught them to play the same math games from class, or challenged them to predict what happened in our science labs.  (Sorry, not the best pic.)


Day 32–Comparing Fractions–One student recalls from 5th grade that we should do, “something like this….but I don’t know what it’s called.”  I’m saving this picture for class next week: How is this similar to and different from the equivalent fractions we’ve studied so far?

comparing fractions

Day 33–Three days worth of sub plans….Sometimes I wish I did use a textbook.  It would be so much easier to just assign the next page each day….

lesson plans

Days 34 and 35–On the Big Island, treated to a stay at the Hilton Waikoloa by our service provider Edison Learning.  Sessions ranged from Common Core Literacy and Writing across the Curriculum, to Formative Instruction, to Effective Mathematics Instruction Using CPA (Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract).  My biggest “take-away,”  enough talk!  It’s time for some action on my campus!

edison bag

Day 36–Aloha, Kona!!!  Even though we could see home right across the channel, it took us 9 hours from the time the shuttle bus dropped us at the airport to reach home to Hana.  Where’s the evaluation sheet so I can suggest next time this is planned for Wed-Fri instead?


Day 37–Too tired from yesterday’s travel and too busy figuring out what did/didn’t get done while I was gone to remember to take a picture.


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