Days 26 & 27–Making Connections

fraction wholeequiv fract

Still working with fractions and number lines.  Trying to fill in the gaps I’m finding in understanding, or to make connections between all the little “tricks” they’ve memorized coming up through elementary and what they mean.

Day 26–After-School Tutoring…..helping a special needs student realize why the numerator and denominator are the same in one whole.  Draw him a pie and cut it into pieces, no problem.  Put the same fraction on a number line…..

Day 27–Me:  Why are these fractions equivalent?  Them:  Because you have to do the same thing to the top that you do to the bottom!!  Because the top number times 2 equals the bottom.  My best responses to the exit card questions did not come from my “top” students.  Another example of those who are great at just memorizing the process or the algorithm yet have absolutely no idea of why they’re doing it or how it works.


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