Day 24–One and a Half Points

day 24 After studying today’s bell work (Day 23 post), most groups decided we should earn 1 1/2 points since K’s second number line was only partially correct and should earn only half of a point. Their explanations were centered around the fact that she divided her whole into sixths, not thirds. I anticipated hearing some vocab like “equivalent fractions,” but didn’t.  Two students could at least point out that the fraction 6/3 was in the correct spot….”It’s gonna be 2 anyway.”  In today’s pic, we’re investigating further by building our own number lines, dividing them first into thirds and then into sixths.  Pretty sure this group has something memorized like whatever you do to the top, you have to do the same thing to the bottom of the fraction–but no real understanding of what it means for a pair of fractions to be equivalent.


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