Day 9–Tick, Tock


Played the game of “Clocks” with my 6th grade math workshop today, giving me the chance to gather some informal data–Who still adds or subtracts using their fingers?  Who pulls out their multiplication/division table?  Who wants to use exponents or integers?

Clocks–Roll three dice.  Manipulate those 3 numbers with any operation(s) to create  expressions with values between 1 and 12 (the numbers on the clock).  Can you clear the clock with only one roll?


2 thoughts on “Day 9–Tick, Tock

    • Thanks. It’s so simple and so easily adapted to various situations. Students could use only 2 of the three numbers rolled. Change the numbers on the clock, or don’t put them on a clock face, use a number line and adjust for the range of numbers you’d like to focus on.

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