Day 130: #speechless

Camera 360  Camera 360  Camera 360  Camera 360

These pictures will never be able to show one of the MOST amazing discussions and lessons with square roots I HAVE. EVER. HAD!   I don’t want to elaborate here because I am planning a nice long blog post on my main blog.   I’ll cover the basics:

The Mathalicious “Roots of Squares” lesson helped students see roots of squares and allowed me to start talking about non-perfect square numbers and how we simplify them without decimals.   Since they were able to visualize the squares  (and their roots) from the Mathalicious lesson, making the transition to today’s lesson was easy (in comparison to other years that I’ve taught this).   Objective was to practice simplifying square roots.  I gave some examples and since they were doing so well I decided to throw something new at them  (questions D-G) and see how they can work through it.   I gave them adding numbers with same square root first and basically we listed of all the possible answers  they thought it might be.  Here’s where our technology was used effectively… They used their calculators to figure out how to add the two expressions in D.   They continued using this strategy until we figured out all the different possibilities. When they were done a student said “Wait! I want to write all this down so I know how to do it!”   #speechless


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