Day 128: THIS is why I love @Mathalicious lessons!!

Camera 360  picture006  Camera 360  picture007


Because their minds and thinking are being challenged in every way.    At first I thought the Act 2 section we were working on today would be easy. Oh no!!  I had alot  of students not recognize the 4 pebbles as a square. I had to ask  students to make 4 with their beans. As you can see they wanted to ADD beans.

A student asked this question and I told her to write it in her note book so she can bring it up when we discuss.   It was a great question and students other than herself felt the same way as her after she shared her question.

Also, I had a group of students want to use the quadratic expression to try work backwards to calculate a square’s root.   We weren’t successful but their minds were definitely thinking outside the box! LOTS of great thinking happening!

It was a great day that made my student’s heads hurt from thinking critically!


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