Day 126: Roots of Squares with the `Lish (@mathalicious)

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I have used this lesson in another class and I am using it again to have students start thinking about square roots.  Since we will be solving quadratics soon I GUESS I have to introduce them to square roots.  Something really big that I did different with this class and not the other class: use the worksheet!  I let the kids work through the problems with their beans and I just walked around and added in my questioning and made sure students got started.  Students got stuck on problem and since class was soon to be over i discussed how mathematicians sometimes need to take breaks and come back at it after a days rest.  So we will be back at the pattern finding tomorrow.

P.S. I needed to make an objective for them because that helps them stay focused on the task for the day.  Don’t hate me if you don’t agree with the task Mathalicious Team.


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