Day 120: A request per @trianglemancsd

wpid-C360_2013-04-15-11-09-25-326.jpg  wpid-C360_2013-04-15-11-09-37-993.jpg

Christopher Danielson recently asked about doing a counting circle that counts by doubling or tripling(exponential growth).  I thought that I would take the dive into this one!  I am not too sure how it all worked out because most of my counting circles are based on the fact that students will be working through mental math strategies in their head so as the counting circle continued today students (and I)realized that the numbers are getting big VERY fast.  So I had to stop them early and ask them to figure out only 3 people after where we stopped (because the numbers are so big).  It was a good practice for them using the breaking each number into its place value strategy but I am not sure there are any more mental math strategies here to explore.  Hit me up if you got another mental math strategy that kids could use in order to figure out the next or so many other people down the line ‘s number?

P.S. not sure I will do a counting circle like that again.  I’m still on the fence.  It doesn’t fit well with my purpose of the counting circle (sorry Prof Triangleman!)


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