Day 114: Multiplying polynomials-multiple strategies

wpid-C360_2013-04-03-10-23-51.jpg wpid-C360_2013-04-03-10-23-04.jpg

As we are working on multiplying polynomials, this class gets to choose the strategy they feel more successful with: Visual (drawing) or “Formula” (expression).  I mentioned today, right before the bell rang, that they will eventually be teaming up with someone who uses the opposite strategy of theirs so that they can work together to get more comfortable with a strategy that they don’t feel as comfortable with.  After saying this one of my student’s asks the question above.  I made him write it on the board and had them think about it as they got their stuff together. I didn’t ask for answers just for them to ponder.  We will be discussing this question in the next couple of days!!


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