Day 111: Area model with variables




We are learning multiplying polynomials and I’m starting with the area model. Their homework is shown above and so is the reason most of them felt they couldn’t calculate area (hence not doing their homework). With that said we went through some examples if the length of the square was a number and we had to continue to go back to these examples to help is with the variable rectangle. If i have a chance to type up this entire lesson and what was said I will. Great discussion by students and lots of wrestling with ideas in their brains.

I asked a student: “Well is x a number?” S: “No!” (very quick response) “Wait” eyes scrunched, light bulb blinking, data processing “Wait yes of course x is a number! It’s just that we don’t know what that number IS” Great thinking and discussion by all students today in class.


One thought on “Day 111: Area model with variables

  1. I love the whole #180blogs concept, and your blog title (“Window…”) is a perfect description of why. I get stuck in my own corner of the world and I don’t often have a chance to peek into other classrooms to see what they do on a regular basis. With everything I’ve started in the past month or two, I think I’ll wait to begin my own #180blog until next year. But I’m excited to start!

    Thanks for sharing this glimpse into your classroom. Glad to hear about the healthy discussion!

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