Day 86: Great Discussions lead to great questions


We continued our transformation investigation.  We cleaned up the wording of their sentences and came up with this.  We expanded our investigation while looking at the lines with same slope.  My bait question: “what do you notice about these lines?”  Lead down the road to parallel lines, never intersecting, etc etc then came the mother of questions….
Student: “how can you tell if the points are positive or negative by seeing it graphed?  How do you know where the line will end up?”  After I asked more questions to make sure I understood her first question I realized she wants to know the answer to the activity idea @desmos gave me.  What will the slope/y-intercept be in order to make a linear graph go through quadrants 1&3 or 2&4, etc?  We discussed quadrants and the properties and that ended the setup for tomorrow’s activity.

THAT! was an amazing orchestrated math discussion.  One of the best I’ve experienced and I’m not sure how it came about.



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