Day 79: Answering their own questions

I was not dishing out questions today instead students were.



They made their equations for both methods and then i asked one question: “What questions could we ask with this information?”

Here is their list:


Once they caught on that they would be answering their own questions they stopped giving them but we got 5 really good ones.  We filled in the blanks with some numbers and then they were off answering questions.  


A couple of the questions brought about other questions for example: 

“What method makes more profit?”  

S: “What do you mean which method makes more profit, like when are you going to make your expenditures back first?” 

Me: “I am not sure what do you think?”

“Who will get to 120oz first?”

S:”They are both negative for 120oz.  So what does that mean? Who makes more profit?”

Me: “What does profit mean then?”

Diff S: “Well whoever is less in debt right?”

Me: “I don’t know you tell me.”



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