Day 56: Change up


of @Mathalicious iCost lesson today.  Since we are working on 4 representations: situation, table, graph, equation.  We started with looking at what information is given (2 points) and also where does that fall into our representations (table).  I am building this up for the benchmark that asks students to determine the equation of a line given 2 points AND to calculate slope given 2 points.  Here is how we modified the iCost lesson to meet our needs.  We didn’t attempt #2,3,4 yet but they were required to create a situation for the data, finish the graph and come up with the equation of the line.  Not finished yet but coming along nicely!  Many had to be reminded of OUR definition of slope.  I know it is a touchy subject but this is what we defined it as.  It technically is a ratio.




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