Day 55: Starting discussion for iCost


I was SUPPOSED to make copies this morning of iCost student worksheet but I TOTALLY FORGOT and got side tracked but we got to start our discussion about the iPad and what features are “stock” and which ones are “upgradable” money wise.

In addition to this great discussion about iPad costs and hardware we had a great discussion about slope and what it means.  We also discussed a student’s dilemma: She created a graph with the y-axis intervals=2 units.  When she went to check her slope as 4.  She realized that she only went “up 2 units” and “over 1 unit” and couldn’t understand why it still worked?  She thought her answer was wrong (since she didn’t move 4 units up).  This would be a great math mistake that wasn’t really a mistake but a common mistake that students THINK they make.  Too bad I missed the picture.  BTW, Since she counted by 2s she moved 2 sets of 2 hence 4.  We discussed this and about being mindful when they approach math problems.


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