Day 53: More arguing about math


Students were arguing about math again today!  We are working on being given one representation (graph, table, equation, situation) HOW do you figure out the slope and y-intercept.  Now I am not focused on WHAT the slope and y-intercept are but more focused on HOW (meta-cognition) they got the answers.  We started with situation yesterday and these are questions that the students started asking themselves to help them.  We also started discussing this table and what the slope was equal to (GREAT discussions here). Words that were overheard: ratio, y to x, x to y. We also discussed if this graph was increasing or decreasing.  What I overheard: “but it is increasing because its going up to the left”  “no its decreasing because it starts at 15 and then goes down from there.”  my question to this was: “So which one is it?”  student who said the first quote about it going up to the left changed his mind as soon as the second student pointed out the y-intercept and how it decreasing as the x values increase.  

Note: I have learned that this strategy to teaching linear equations is a MUCH more successful way to teach these concepts because we are seeing relationships between representations now and then we will connect the relationship with slope and y-intercept and how that all comes together with points and diff types of equations.



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