Day 51: Multiple representation assessment


We have been working on the 4 representations of our linear equations and today they were given their assessment.  Thing is they didn’t really know it was an assessment.  We started with them picking their own slope (had to be greater than 1 or less than -1), y-intercept (had to be double digits) and determining if their numbers are increasing/decreasing.  With that information their objective was to create 4 different representations (graph, table, equation, situation) with the slope and y-intercept that they chose.  Not everyone finished so they had to complete their final draft on the cardstock by Wednesday (no school tomorrow with election day).  From there we will start using only one representation (1 card) to determine the slope and y-intercept.  These assessments were a great idea because after they are finished we can use them for another assessment.  And there was not that much prep at all.  Cardstock, slope, y-intercept and some snazzy post it graph paper.



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