Day 46: Sentence structures


My class is now working on how can we use JUST one representation in order to figure out slope and y-intercept.  They have been practicing for a while on the relationship between all 4 representations (graph, table, equation, situation) and they know how to figure out each part and where slope & y-intercept are in each part.  But today we worked on sentence structures for them to think about how to find slope and y-intercept if given JUST ONE representation. It was a struggle but they did well.  

An interesting conversation came up when we were discussing how we can point out the y-intercept in the equation.  A student had noticed that the slope “is always next to the variable”.  (BTW she thought she sounded stupid, but she was pretty spot on!) We will eventually discuss WHICH variable but for now I am pretty content with their findings and sentences.

Funny side note is they only got reintroduced to the word slope in the past couple weeks but before that we called it “the number that is consistently increasing or decreasing in the situation” and in our sentence structure we decided that we would use this wording again because it had helped us for the weeks before we learned slope 



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