Day 44: WOW! #speechless



Yesterday’s subtraction number talk was very revealing….we had some of the students who have a lot of addition strategies using their fingers.  So today’s number talk was subtraction again.  BOY did it produce some interesting discussion.  We had 3 different answers and lots of logic being discussed:

“I came up with that answer too the first time but I KNEW that 5 was too small so I went back to look at it again”

To me this was one of the best statements I heard today.  I had students jumping out of their seats to share their strategy about A SUBTRACTION PROBLEM!!  It scares me because some (high school) students didn’t see how 5 could be unreasonable but I am also glad that we are having this discussion at all.  What if they weren’t exposed to it AT ALL!  That would scare me even more….Better late than never!


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