Day 39: iCost Lesson from @Mathalicious


Didn’t go exactly as planned (in Teacher Guide) but all in all we started great conversations and students brought up the idea of having the same parts that they don’t charge for between the two memory sizes (i.e. screen, processor, software, etc.) and the part that changes (memory).  They didn’t necessarily use the graph to find the slope YET but they did use the graph to predict the other prices for bigger iPad.  One student actually counted the 4 spaces between 16GB (on graph) and 32 GB and used that pattern to predict.  All in all it was a great start to this lesson.  We didn’t finish it yet so our homework leads us right into finishing the lesson and finding the different parts of the situation (y-intercept, slope, etc.)  Kids ROCKED IT TODAY!  Thanks Mathalicious keep doing what you do!

NOTE: I ended up projecting the Student handout PDF on the board from my iPad and students just graphed points on the board (after doing it on their worksheet).  The picture you see with no graph is the one taken after the projector was turned off 



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