Day 33: That’s it?!


The plan was for them to try to figure out how what they need to do in order to make true statements…I mainly anticipated them seeing that all they could change was the sign.  Most of them got to the point where they knew that 19<17 was incorrect but at that point they weren’t sure what to do?  They wanted to change the number and they kept saying that it had to be -4 but I kept telling them that the “symbol” says we can’t do that.  We can’t change the numbers because when we solved for d it told us it has to be greater than -5.  When I asked them a series of questions someone finally said “switch the symbol to greater than” another student responded: “OH, that’s it?!” 

when I planned the lesson I thought they would see that small change but it didn’t work out well.  But for my first year teaching inequalities not too bad!



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