Day 24: I had an idea…


…to give students a predicament and an objective.  I wanted to let them squirm and try to use some skills they have but not necessarily would apply.  The situation was…"A student that had done magic tricks with me for two years came to me the other day and gave me an equation that he SAID was a magic trick.  I couldn't figure it out so I brought it to them and maybe they might try to figure it out."  As soon as I wrote the equation on the board they were perplexed but they did agree it was an equation and when I asked them what they think the objective would be they instantly said…"Find a (or the number the person guessed)"  Many of them gave up instantly but some of them instantly saw that they had to subtract 5 somewhere (they weren't sure but knew it had to be opposite of the +5)….We talked a lot about these steps and I told them I wasn't sure if any of the steps we were doing were right but for each step we were able to justify it because it wasn't something that didn't make sense…So there is no way someone could DISPROVE us….A question asked: "well was his number -5?"  my reply: "IDK"  Student took it upon her self to put inside the equation and check it….I have an idea for tomorrow stay posted to see how this turns out….


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