Operation and Number Dice


We are practicing our Math Notation for our Magic Tricks we have started and I used this magic trick idea last year but this year I got new dice that they can use in order to create their tricks.  They roll an operation dice (<, = are wilds if rolled) and a 1-20 dice.  It works pretty well except that sometimes when they roll: divide, 13 (or any somewhat difficult number) they get decimals but most students were still figuring out the guessed numbers by rounding.  I had one student say “It doesn’t come out to a whole number (9.997 showing me on his calculator)”  My response: “so what number do you think he picked?”  student: “10”  Me: “ok did you ask your partner if that is his number?” student: “yes that is his number.”  Me: “then you got it right even with the decimal?!” student: *proud smile on his face*


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