“I want to make a prediction…”


Says my student after we count half way around the circle. He pointed this out and we tested it by stopping at him after two times around the circle.  I ask them to figure out what number number we will be at after two times around the circle and I hear these comments: “Oh that is easy”  Thumbs were up within seconds.  Almost everyone was able to see the pattern that because there were 10 people in the circle this student’s prediciton was correct.  So my colleague asks a wonderful question….

It ended up being put on an index card and being used as an assessment for their thinking….It took some of them some time to think about it and we had to ask quite a few questions like: “if you go two times around how many dollars less, four times around….”  I am stilled elated on my student wanting to make a prediciton so confidently and seeing the pattern so quickly.


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